About Counselling

What is counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy that offers ways of exploring issues or areas of concern you may have about your life. People decide to go to counselling for a variety of reasons; to work through painful experiences, to gain self-awareness or to explore ways to make changes in their lives.

A counsellor does not give advice or try to ‘fix’ people. Instead they work with their client to create a respectful and collaborative relationship. It is this connection between client and counsellor that is at the heart of effective counselling. A safe, caring, non-judgemental environment provides the ideal setting for clients to talk in confidence.

Every counsellor has a different approach and will use different therapeutic techniques but the goal of counselling is always to help you find the answers you seek, in a way that suits you.

How I work

I work face to face, online, using Zoom, and on the telephone.

Once you get in touch, we can arrange a mutually convenient time for your free initial assessment. My approach is a caring and practical;  I want to understand what you expect from counselling and how I can best support you.

After this initial session, if you decide you want to proceed with counselling, we will agree a date and time for our weekly sessions. Then I will send you a working agreement for you to complete.

If we are working together on Zoom, I will send you a Zoom link at the beginning of the week of our appointment. If you are new to Zoom, I have some guidance available.

If we are working together on the phone, I will call you at the pre-arranged time.